Product Testimonials

The following are some of the many letters and references I receive from my happy clients about the various procucts I sell, including Amulets, Charms, Spells and Magical Oils.. All letters are typed exactly as per the originals and the originals can be viewed on request.

True Written Testimonials:Client Testimonial Letters

Dear Ursula. I just had to put pen to paper and say thank you for the most informative card-reading that you did for ,e, some of the things that you told me occurred almost immediately. It always helps to have a second opinion … mine and yours. It does help “un-muddle” things! Your “magic aromatherapy oils” I was very sceptical about, as it reminded me of witchdoctor concoctions, but the “Business Success Oil” have definitely worked for me! Please carry on and may you go from strength to strength!

J.K. Lurie (Lonehill)

Dear Ursula.

Thank you for recommending the success and money spells for me as I find them most effective. I find it neccasry to do these spells twice a week as it certainly assited me by adding an additional R4000.00 a week to my turnover. After four days of obtaining my magic key, I was to ascertain triple my turnover in one day. I find the magic key most powerful and lucky. Thank you for all the success I have been achieving though your sincere recommendation. I look forward to doing business with you in future.

Yana Pincus – House of Beauty.

This is a letter to all the sceptics out there. Yes, I was also a sceptic. But believe me after the first time I went to see Ursula I felt calm and collected. Ever since then I try to see her every 2nd week. I also referred a few friends and they had the same great advise – a friend’s marriage was “saved”. When I am in doubt I have a hotline and I am on the doorstep.

I had some trouble at work and she gave me a few tips as well as some potion and an amulet (love life). I can’t tell you – everything changed. At work the atmosphere is better. Yeah me and my boyfriend do have our usual tiffs but not as vigorous as it use to be. All thanks to the amulet I ordered. To Ursula, I wanna say thanks for everything. For seeing me on short notice - which is most of the times.


Dear Ursula.

I am writing this letter with great appreciation for all your help and support. In June this year I came to you because my marriage was at the point of breakdown. I was desperate. The amulet you suggested and arranged for me has worked miracles. Since then my marriage has changed from near divorce to a marriage full of love and happiness. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me and for the wonderful amulet.With Gratitude ...

Ingrid Nelson

Dear Ursula, I have a seven year forcast which was done by you, and so far it has been very precise. I also have your money oil. Many Thanx – You are superb!

Lisa Balmith – Chatsworth

Dear Ursula. I am very, very happy Ursula. You are a life saver. Your product is doing great for me. I always have money and I have started a small business. Your product really works great for me. I will always buy these products from you. You are the best! Yours faithfully ...

Carol Chewe (Ga-Ramokqopa)

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