Feng Shui Tips that Everyone Should Apply


This is one of the most important factors to good Feng Shui.  A neat and tidy space at home and at work is considered lucky.  Make sure your entrance is clear and clean – this will allow the good chi to flow into the rest of your home.


Clear out everything that you don’t like, anything that is broken or anything that you no longer use. Old newspapers, dirty laundry, any form of clutter can weigh you down, physically and emotionally. Clear out at least once a week to restore your wellbeing.


As much as possible try and avoid any sharp angles as this carries negative energy.  If you do have sharp angles make sure they aren’t pointing directly at you.  These are known as poison arrows.


Allow as much natural light into your home and office as possible. The North represents career luck. The South brings fame and recognition. The East brings good health. The West brings descendants luck. The Northeast is for education. The Northwest is for making friends and mentor luck.

The Southeast represents wealth and riches. And the Southwest is for love. So if you are looking for, say, love, install a bright light in the Southwest sector of your home and keep it turned on for at least 3 hours a day. This will bring many romantic opportunities your way and attract a soul mate into your life.


Your desk should face the door. If your back faces the door, people at the office will do things behind your back.  Keep your desk free from clutter otherwise you block new opportunities that could come your way. 


Make sure all your drains are functioning properly. Also make sure you have no dripping taps. These can make your finances trip away too.  


First get rid of any dying plants. Make sure the plants you have in your home are healthy and vibrant looking. Keep flowers in a vase to bring in good chi. Get rid of them when they start dying.


You should not have TV’s, computers or electrical equipment in the bedroom. Also watch mirrors – these cause problems too. The bedroom area should have Yin energy. Too big a mirror may bring too much yang energy into the room in the morning if the light reflects too strongly in it. Mirrors should have a solid frame around them and should be one piece rather than many pieces. Your mirror should ideally be at a height where you can see your entire face in it.  Painting or ornament – should be of two, a pair. No lone figures in the room. Also two lamps, one on either side.


Doors to adjacent bedrooms should be kept closed to avoid the bad energy affecting you whilst you sleep. Keep the bathroom tidy, hang towels neatly and pack toiletries away to avoid creating clutter around the sink.  Keep toilet seat down – open toilets can suck wealth out of your life.


Avoid having one colour scheme throughout your home if you are prone to depression. If you like white walls, hang a colourful painting on one of the walls to serve as an uplifting focal point. If you are more into the natural world, choose a neutral colour palette of taupe, gray, brown and honey. Warm colours like red, yellow and orange are ideal for people who take pleasure from artistic activities, but these can also excite anger and aggression. Cool colours like blue, green and purple are more suited to people who are happiest when relaxing.

water-snakeWe have entered into the year of the Water Snake (2103). This can be an unpredictable year.  The Snake is a volatile creature. He can be a powerful ally but a fickle friend. In order not to upset the Snake, these are the areas in your home to avoid any building or alterations - South East, South West, the Centre of your home, and the East.

In the Southwest of your home, you should have a bowl with salt, topped with water to absorb negative energy. Keep water in the bowl all the times – don’t let it become dry.  Top it up when necessary.

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