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I am just completely lost in my life.


I don't know in all honesty. I am just completely lost in my life. I don't know what I need to do. I generally have the worst luck ever. I got refused a new job position yesterday. My partner (the father of my daughter) and broke up yesterday too. Financial problems and still living at almost 27 at my parents.


Dear Miss X

I can see many very positive changes in the cards for you. You have had a very difficult and challanging year. This is all about to change after your birthday. There will be a new job, you will get a new car and there will generally be progress moving forward. Unfortunately the father of your daughter is a difficult person and you need to have a lot of patience with him. He seems to have issues in doing things in moderation. The cards also show that a ring will come your way. Your luck is about to change for the better so take a deep breath and hang in there.

My financials are keeping me awake at night.

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I've been under a lot of difficulties lately, my financials are keeping me awake at night and I'm failing to support my family, I've tried even a lottery but nothing came out of it, my question is that there is any chance of me winning so that I can provide for my family or what are the chances of me getting out of this bad situation? What is it that I need to do to better myself and the life of my family and to bring luck to my life?

Answer -

The cards say that you are waiting around for a miracle that is not going to be happening anytime soon. You feel that there is no other way out of your current dilemma. All you are doing at the moment is feeling like the victim, feeling that you have a very bad life. This is only making matters worse than they are.  The cards are saying that you need to make a decision to change things in your life and once you have decided that, you need to take action.  The cards show that things are tough at the moment, and they will still be tough for a while to come but you can change this to make things better for yourself and your family by taking action. If you wait for a lottery, you will wait many more years. There is no sign of a lottery in your cards. You need to pick yourself up from what seems to be the bottom of a pit, dust yourself off and take action. If you continue doing what you are currently doing there will be no improvements at all. It is your life and you are the only one that can make the change that is needed to get out of current problems. If you can do this you will notice improvements all around. Help will be offered and you will receive good advice. You are currently taking advice from the wrong people. Only take advice from people who are where you want to be, not people that are in the same place as you are.

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