Client Testimonials

The following are some of the many letters and references I receive from my happy clients. All letters are typed exactly as per the originals and the originals can be viewed on request.

Client Testimonial Letters

True Written Testimonials:

Recently I have had quite a few worries on my shoulders and was introduced to Ursula. I was always very sceptical of clairvoyance, but having been twice now I can assure anyone my fears are no longer. After my first reading in Germany, many of my problems have been sorted out with little effort through the sound advice given to me by Ursula. I have been able to tackle life in a different perspective. After my second reading I am now prepared to face my last big problem with all the confidence knowing her precision is as sound as the first which within two months everything came to be.


Clairvoyants! The mere mention of the word made me want to laugh. Rubbish – All absolute nonsense! Therefore when I went to see Ursula it was a move out of curiosity, rather than conviction, about what she had to say to me. After my appointment with her, I was left stunned – to say the least. The trust about my past was just too close to home, to ignore what she had said to me. My past was told to me exactly as it had happened, and there were certain events in my life that nobody knew except me. I went to see her in December 1992, and she predicted events that would take place within 1993. Unbelievable! Most of the predictions have already come true and we are only in the only one quarter into 1993! Ursula is a genuine person who has the insight into predicting the future – CORRECTLY! I am left amazed, and more than a little wary of her now. Sceptical? That I am definitely not! She has proved to me that she is a force to be reckoned with, should you want to know more about yourself.


To Ursula. I would like to thank you for all your time you spent with me. My endless questions and worries about my future. You have proved accurate in all your predictions and you have become like my advisor. Your oils have also worked wonders for me and I would like to recommend you to a public curious about their future. I hope you do very well in “future” and may you be around as a clairvoyant for as long as we all need one. Your Sincerely ...


Dear Ursula. I am absolutely amazed at the accuracy of your predictions of the Tarot on the phone and at that, long distance! I have never met you and you didn’t, up until now, know what I look like. I am enclosing a photo. Irrespective, you told me a lot about the present which absolutely stunned me. With regard to your future predictions, I would like to thank you for advising me not to lose heart and persevere in my attempts to get a business started off the ground! You also told me a business man would make contact with me and I would not believe my luck. Well, it has come true! I am really very excited about this. There were so many delays and disappointments within this venture that I was ready to turn my back on it. But you told me to hang in there and I did. Thanks! You gave me sound advice on something that is going to be a major turning point and changing point in my life and overall. Ursula, what I respect about you a great deal, is your ability to be candid. There are so many clairvoyants who tell you what you want to hear and not the truth. Your professionalism, warmth and passion for your profession, really shines through. For you, it is not just a money-making racket, but providing a caring service to the public, giving them reassurance, thus reducing worry and stress. There is so much scepticism about the “Fortune Tellers”, Clairvoyants, Crystal Ball Gazers, etc. However I feel that whatever you do, provided it is done with honesty, caring, professionalism and serves to assist others, then why not! After all we have been placed on this earth to be of service to others! In conclusion, congratulations to Graham Alexander Bell for the most wonderful invention – the telephone and thank you for the Mystical Tarot! Lots of love!

Debbie Nichous (Cape Town)

Dear Ursula. I would just like to tell you how much I enjoyed spending the time that I did with you when you read my Tarot cards, and how you impressed I was by what you said. Initially, I was very sceptical about coming, but after all the people in my office when have been to you told me how accurate you were, I decided to come out of interests sake and see what you had to say. I told myself that whatever the outcome, I would not live my life accordingly or believe everything that was said. To be honest with you, I had expected you to be a little on the ‘strange’ side so to speak. It was only after meeting you did I relax and realise that Tarot Card readers are not evil and ugly with long red nails and black hair, like the movies portray. I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed by your manner and your attractive looks, as opposed to the witch I had envisioned! The reason for my writing to you now, is to let you know how accurate you were with my reading. Taking into consideration the fact that your readings are over a 6 month period, in the last two months since I visited you and listening to the tape again, that I could relate what you told me, to what has come true. What I did find frightening, was how you could pick up on things from the past and how you knew about my family. It was this that made me think again how genuine you are, and has resulted in my recommending you to all my family and friends. It is funny how people believe or remember what they want to. You told me both the good and not so good things, and I am now eagerly awaiting my boyfriend to ask me to marry him – let’s hope you were one the mark on that one!! Many thanks and best of luck in the future!

Joanne Sudbury (Jukskei Park)

Dear Ursula. So many times have I stormed in there with love, money and self-conflict problems and every time your cards told me the truth and a way out. Never has it told me anything that hasn’t come true, everything, and I mean every sentence was taped, and came out the way I have wanted it. I am sure that all of your clients as happy as I am, because for the past 3 years I couldn’t find any body better. Good luck!

Alna van den Berg (Cramerview)

I have visited Ursula on two occasions for fortune telling sessions. Apart from her pleasant approach, what she has told me and what she knew about me was astounding. Each session was recorded and on listening to them a few months later I was amazed at how much had actually come true. I have recommended Ursula to several of my friends and colleagues, who all have been amazed with what Ursula has told them and how much of it had come true. After hearing others recalling their experiences with fortune tellers, I was loathe to visit one, but I can honestly say that Ursula has changed my impression.

Lee Cowan

Dear Ursula. I am writing to you to commend you on your Tarot Reading. I have had as you are aware quite a few readings with you. At all times you have been most accurate. This has aided me to make very important decisions.  I would like to say good luck with your Tarot Readings.Yours Sincerely ...

Kay Nobbs (Sandton)

Ursula Wania did read the Tarot Cards for me, I was very surprised when she told me that I am going to give money to somebody. I could not believe her, but a few weeks later I did give a rather substantial amount to somebody.

Beatrice O. Meier (Honeydew)

The first time Ursula read the Tarot Cards for me, she predicted that a woman very close to me will have a baby in the next seven days, it also will be a very happy birth and it will be a girl, but everything will be fine. Four days later labour started with my sister, she has been admitted to the hospital. She was in labour for close to a day, finally they had do a caesarean and she gave birth to a girl. The next time, approximately six weeks later, Ursula predicted to me that I am going to be very cross about something and will go to buy a new car. I laughed because I was very happy with my present car, five weeks later something very upsetting did happen and as a result I went to buy a new car. There were a couple of small things which she also predicted correctly. But the most amazing this to me is, before she even started to predict any future happenings, she told me about my current situation quite accurately.

Peter Urech (Honeydew)

Dear Ursula. On behalf of Prime Time Internation, I would like to thank you for appearing on our Magazine Programme, Essence, on East-Net. With your contribution the show was a really delightful success. Wishing you all the best. Once again, thank you.

Desiree Govender, Production Co-ordinator.

Dear Ursula. There are a few of the predictions that have already come true. I am now waiting for the “money” that you predicted and as you said: “lots of it!” and my overseas travel. Thank you, even though the times are difficult right now, I have hope and I know I will succeed. Love ...

Felicity Mirfin

Dear Ursula. I would like to take this opportunity to express my absolute satisfaction on your accurate reading! As I frequently visit clairvoyants, I have never had a reading so accurate as yours and I have recommended your name to many people who have an interest in a reading and they have been very impressed with you! I wish you much success in your career.


Hi Ursula. I decided to write and tell you how many of your predictions have happened. I have been honestly amazed at how accurate you are! Firstly, remember when you said that me present company would short pay me on my June salary? Well they did… by R1500.00! Also you said I would not be happy about the way they will behave because of me leaving, well, at my farewell, someone tried to make an absolute fool out of me! You also predicted that I will be doing some work at home – and guess what! Here I am working from home! Throughout the past months you have told me on numerous occasions that the letter “D” will play an important part business wise and my new partner name starts with a D.


To whom it may concern. I have been seeing Ursula on a regular basis for over a year and I find her readings to be insightful, compassionate and accurate. I was waiting for quite a bid business decision to be made and she predicted the outcome accurately. She has been accurate on many smaller decisions as well. I will continue to see Ursula for business as well as personal advice.


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