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Predictions for 2022 (Star Newspaper)

Predictionsthestar2022If you thought 2021 was wild, hang onto your seat, it's about to get wilder.

You will be told what to do in all areas of life. This will take people right out of their comfort zones. Higher authority will start clamping down hard. It will feel like you’re fighting a losing battle.

More uncertainty during 2022, especially where money is concerned.

People are holding on to what they have and the way they live, but 2022 brings forced change.

By April/May, big issues regarding finances. Rules change, restrictions are put into place.

There will still be restrictions around traveling at certain times of the year.

Many will lose their properties and homes.

There will still be deaths, also around children as well as babies and pregnant woman. This becomes a steppingstone to bringing about the needed changes.

The year will be both positive and negative. The energy you carried in from 2021 will spill over into 2022, so make sure that it is good.

More covid ahead, different variants but the virus starts losing steam,  and the focus will shift to other issues.  

Money and medical - both these areas run into trouble.

Companies will be under huge pressure from authority and only the toughest will survive. The ones that put their foot down and say enough!

Luxuries become scarce.

Lots of sacrifices will need to be made, you’re going to need lots of courage to stand up and deal with all that will happen.

Make sure you look after your own health, there are major changes in the medical arena.

Focus on you, where you’re going and what you want to achieve and do.

There are problems around property, there’s a lot of underhandedness going on. Basically, banks are just taking peoples homes.

Good things will  come, but you got to be patient. We got to go through chaos to get to the good that lies ahead.

Changes in tax laws to benefit the government. Also changes in the way money works.

A lot more resistance to vaccines. A woman seems to have a lot to do with this.

Unemployment numbers will soar. Huge money issues, financial problems and no help from government.

People will look to starting new schools or ways to improve education.

Religion, spirituality seems to become more important as everyone is looking for deeper meanings and truth about the chaos around.  Many will realise that the media has been hiding a lot of the truth. This will result in civil war in certain parts of the world. The fight will be one to keep your spirit.

War is a big factor during 2022, war or different scale. Not as in boots and guns. 

There will be an increase in different health issues as well as drugs, both medical and other. People should use extreme caution in these areas. Serious depression ahead.

Weather issues continue, they may get worse. There will earth events either with fire or water, major disruption. Change to earth because of this.

Governments continue taking more than they give, we will see price hikes on many levels including feul, food, electricity, to name a few. They continue this until one fine day when the people have had enough.

Electricity continues to be an issue; new ways will be found to help with this problem.

We going to see things we haven’t seen before and it’s going to be extremely challenging to keep moving forward, but if you’re reading this, then know that it can and will change for the better again in the future. 

An element of surprise in the air, all will be taken by surprise, both good and bad events.

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