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ursula_radio_interviewUrsula Wania - Tarot Card Reader

The Future is in the Cards!

Ursula Wania is one of South Africa’s most recognised Tarot Card Readers as well as an Astrologer, Numerologist and Certified ThetaHealer.

Her Grandmother was the distinguished clairvoyant Madam Fransie, who in her day was consulted by many prominent persons across the country, as Ursula is today.

Despite the scepticism of many there are those who believe their fate is predetermined. But with the aid of an expert like Ursula, their futures can be unlocked – and can thus be made known, and therefore be reshaped.

Loyal clients of Ursula’s revel at her abilities to give detailed descriptions of what lies ahead for as far ahead as five years into the future. (click here to read more)

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Ursula Wania prediction corona virus covid 19

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May 2020

MayJust to let you know that I am available for telephone or skype readings as well as healing sessions. I have also added a new page with many references from happy clients and cheaper options available for energy cleansing sessions.  In case you missed some Covid 19 predictions, here is a link to catch up on those too.  

May 1 - 10

In South Africa, we will be moving from stage 5 of lockdown to stage 4, on the 1st of May. A few more businesses will be able to operate but many will still need to stay closed. Major control over the people of earth currently.

Monday the 4th might be a good time to communicate with clients as the Sun merges with mercury. Around the Full Moon on the 7th, if you listen very carefully, you will hear the wolves howling in the distance, bringing yet more major transformation within each of us. Being in Scorpio, a lot of what is hidden, tends to slip out from the darkness into the light.

Saturn goes retrograde until September on Mother’s Day, which should be quite a pleasant day as mercury harmonises with both Jupiter and Pluto.

May 11 - 17

Mercury shifts to Gemini on the 11th promoting a smooth flow of communication. Venus goes retrograde on the 13th and everything Venus related, love, money, beauty will all be under review. Not a good time to get married. Mars shifts into Pisces which can really have you feeling very uncertain about which way to go. Major shifts are taking place because Jupiter will also turn retrograde on May 14th. We’re being asked to re-look, re-view, do some serious soul searching and find ways of how we will deal with the challenges we face in these tough times. The Sun, Pluto on the 15th brings out more hidden issues and by the 17th you might just feel a lot less stressed.

May 18 - 24

Things will be busier than usual this week as the Sun moves into Gemini on the 20th.  There is also a new Moon in Gemini on the 22nd. Social distancing will be challenging for a while, with Minds needing to be stimulated and kept busy.

May 25-31

Mercury shifts to intuitive Cancer on the 28th so instead of being in your head, you can now shift your emotions to your heart. It becomes a more sensitive way of communicating. Can be lots of tears, but maybe those tears are necessary for the healing happening on earth currently.

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