Tarot Cards & Numerology for the Day

The Tarot cards for the day are worked out using numerology.  In most cases there are more than one card, so the days meaning will be a combination of the cards as apposed to the picture that you see next to the day.

21 June 2014 - 3 of Cups & 6 of Swords

Tarot3 of Cups

Usually a card of celebration or a gathering. Encourages you to enjoy the connectivity, company and harmony of close friendships. This is a period of good fun and shared happy moments within your social circle.

6 of Swords

The 6 of Swords is usually linked with travel, but because I am using it in a daily prediction a more appropriate interpreation would be that you might need to take a break to refresh and recharge. Sometimes this card can also indicate that you feel a need to spend some time alone.

When combining the two cards, it might be a good idea to release yourself of stress and worries and enjoy the company of friends or those close to you during the day.

Numerolgically a 3/7 day. Good day to communicate with others or socialise with friends. Also a good day for learning or spending some time alone thinking.

Seems its a day of opposites - The Moon is in energetic Aries and the Sun in Cancer, seeking safety, wanting to retreat and withdraw.

The Sun has entered Cancer.  Happy Solstice to you! The Solstice usually brings a powerful turning point. Were entering the second part of the year and the Astrology certainly has more promising aspects ahead in the months to come.

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