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Ursula Wania is one of South Africa’s most recognised Tarot Card Readers as well as an Astrologer, Numerologist and Certified ThetaHealer.

Her Grandmother was the distinguished clairvoyant Madam Fransie, who in her day was consulted by many prominent persons across the country, as Ursula is today.

Despite the scepticism of many there are those who believe their fate is predetermined. But with the aid of an expert like Ursula, their futures can be unlocked – and can thus be made known, and therefore be reshaped.

Loyal clients of Ursula’s revel at her abilities to give detailed descriptions of what lies ahead for as far ahead as five years into the future. For many this has permitted them to make adequate provisions and so is prepared for these situations.

This has been the basis for Ursula being featured in several magazines, and to have been invited onto Radio 702 and M-NET’s “Eastnet”, several times as a guest.

Ursula successfully predicted the election of President Clinton, the break-up between Prince Andrew and Fergie and the choice of the new South African flag before the elections.

Magic Plays a Great Part in Our Lives ... Everyday!

Ursula Wania

Magic is not a fairytale dabbling in abstruse or whimsical nonsense – it is about knowing how to work with the pre-existing forces of nature that most people have never learnt to perceive are there!

Being in touch with these forces allows one to exert control over important aspects of one’s environment, the likes of which include:

• Business Opportunities & Wealth
• Emotional & Romantic Relationships
• Travel & Relocation
• Security & Health

Influencing and controlling these important parts of our lives helps to ensure a better future and can be considered as important as prudent planning.

Magic forces may seem to be contrived from naivety to the uninitiated; however they are more akin to the unspoilt purity of the intuition of a child that even religious works advise us to take heed of.

This faith in apparently fairly simplistic things nonetheless seems to be what many a wealthy and successful person trusts in implicitly, judging from the number who consult clairvoyants and the like. They find that amulets, talismans and gris-gris bags play an important role in sculpting their success. Coupled with are prayer and meditation, and in particular an attitude that is both of expectancy and of gratitude.

This is the crust of magic and futurology and can be the key to unlocking your future for the betterment of your fortune.

Ursula used to publish her own futurological magazine “The Wheel of Fortune” and has since also published multiple interesting and very popular books related to Astrology, Tarot Readings and Magic.

If you would like to find out more about Ursula, have any enquiries about any of her publications and/or would like to contact her for a Tarot Reading and Consultation please click here to go to the contact page!

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