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Monday, June 4, 2012

LaoTzuThe Planets are opening up new portals ready to take us to other dimensions. Get ready for a reboot! We’re in for a series of high-voltage cosmic events this month. Get ready to grin and BEAR the cosmic download.

Not feeling so magical lately?…Here’s why.  We have a lunar eclipse today as well as a full moon.  This can tend to make us feel strangely out of sorts.  It could seem like a visit to Crazy Town in the days surrounding an eclipse. Our dark side comes to the light bringing up the deep, unconscious feelings that normally brew below the surface.  So you may be a bit frustrated by everything getting in your way and may not find the support you need, which can make you irritable and edgy.

Moon is in spontaneous, energetic, sometimes loony Sagittarius today. There’s a tendency of scattering our energies and not finishing what we have started. You could get bored easily under this Moon needing to expand your boundaries a little.

The raw side of your emotions may feel exposed this afternoon, so you could find yourself licking your wounds.  Other people, or general circumstances in which you find yourself, may get under your skin. You could find yourself getting over-emotional and flying off the handle. While you can excite others with your energy, you also can be combative, particularly with those who are too demanding. Be careful with finances at this time as you are inclined to be extravagant. If you ask for help from others you may create strings that you didn't wish to.

Our passions will be frustrated or highly charged today.  Our sense of values could bring conflict with our feelings.  There could be tangles in relationships right now, especially with people of the opposite sex. Possessiveness or jealousy may be also be a factor.  Anyone have a date planned for tonight?

Neptune goes retrograde today amplifying the emotional tidal wave. Drowning yourself might feel like an option, drowning in addictions that is…   Your focus is off, your judgement is off, your intuition is heightened and your sense of reality is distorted. It can bring more opportunities for imaginative dreams, insightful illumination and emotional regeneration but get your fog lights on or you could make some spectacular mistakes!

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