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Predictions for 2023 The Star Jan 2023

20230107 134630 resizedYou might as well keep your gloves on for 2023.  Lets just say, we will become masters in patience.

South Africa will change some of its laws. This happens so that ANC still maintains some power even when they are no longer the ruling party after the next election.

Many people will still leave South Africa.

People will want to break free from having to rely on government and many will focus on doing so.  They will want to become more independent to the point of being off the grid. Government knows this and hence the new rules will come into play. Solutions to problems will be found by individuals, not large organization’s or government.

Still many promises will be made regarding building new homes, new life, new jobs, none of which will materialize.

We will see new viruses emerge and Africa will be hit. This year we can see cycles repeating from the past. I see issues in getting treatment. Medical supplies will have issues. Medical facilities will not be able to provide what is needed. This is not a good year where health matters are concerned and many people will still pass away.

April / May are challenging months in the medical and health industry. Water issues will arise, it might be a good idea to keep some reserves.

Climate change will be brought into the limelight and used to create restrictions, also with travelling.

Weather disasters will continue and will cause a lot of destruction.

Load shedding will worsen, extended hours and more regularly.

Although I am not seeing a total collapse of the grid, it shows it will need to be rebuild and eventually power suppliers will be privatized.

Financially people will continue to struggle. Unemployment will increase. This will increase crime in the country.  There is a lot of resentment and people will be over serious and impatient. The will lead to violence and riots.

There will be a change in our money system as well as tax laws.  The rand will weaken further. This might be later on in the year. Everything will move in the direction of digital with a digital ID connected to each individual.

Education systems will worsen. People will move more into homeschooling and forming community groups to teach.

Government will be taken to task, but don’t hold your breath. Betrayal and corruption will continue, and no justice will be served fairly.

So much will collapse, but after the year is over, we will look to rebuild better. Communities will begin pulling together and sorting things out.

Social activities will be low during 2023. It’s a slow moving year but a lot happening. Relationships will suffer.

People are awakening at a rapid pace and much is being done to stop the process. 

They are realizing how manipulated they have been.  A lot of truth will come out and for those who can't face it, new digital technology will capture their minds so they don't need to deal with reality.

There will be so much going on that it will be difficult to keep up. So much talk of all the great futuristic plans. 

Extreme Greed for wealth and material gain, will cause more loss. Addictions and lack of confidence will be rampant with the younger generations. So will suicides. 

We are being pulled in two different directions, and our focus should be on where we are going and not where we are seemingly being taken.

There will be many distractions and you shouldn't give into them. This year is important for humanity, as it determines where we go in the future. 

People will be replaced by robots and initially it seems so cool, but this can be disastrous for humanity. So many jobs will be lost as a result. Medical, services, transport, even cars, all enter the digital space, and before we know it, robots will be running our lives. 

There are positives as well, and you can make life better if you stay focused on where you're going and don't fall into traps.  Work on yourself and your mind. Don’t buy into all that you hear. Think for yourself.

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