November 2022

November 2022Flash

We’ve come a long way, and there are still challenges ahead of us. There will be pushing from both sides in the coming months and much courage will be needed. It seems most obstacles have been overcome, but it would be wise to remain on guard.

We are going through some crazy times, and it will get crazier still. The Full Moon on the 8th could be a trigger point for an upcoming event. Scare tactics will be amped and there will be movement in the millitary.

The energy can make you feel threatened and uncertain about where things are going. People will start opposing what is going on in the world. There are many who can’t tolerate the injustice much longer and will begin ways of trying to put things right again. Bear in mind, those at the top wish to stay there, so opposition will be coming from all sides. New information about the past will surface.

Everyone is trying to achieve some sort of stability and control over things, this includes governments and institutions. Many new ideas will be pushed on humanity. There is another chance to stand up to things you don’t believe in. Don’t rely on others judgement to shape who you are. It's time to draw from your own strength. Some will be reaping the seeds they have sown.

We have been driven out of our comfort zones and great tenacity has been needed. Many have lost loved ones, close friends, businesses, income, jobs and homes. It feels as if everything has been against us, but, we are close and we shouldn’t abandon the struggle just yet. Families and friends have been forcibly separated and poisonous wedges have been driven between people. Friction lies ahead in many ways, as well as an accidental threat relating to war. This can all be dangerous.

You'll feel the need to start looking deeper into what is actually going on. There is conflict between emotions and common sense. Conserve your energy. Anger and disharmony lurk beneath the surface and this all needs to be worked through. Repressed and ignored feeling need to be dealt with or they will cause your body to become weak. Don’t sell yourself short to please others.

This month, things may not turn out as you would like them to. Don’t brood over losses. Use your energy to make things better not to brood on what didn’t work. There is a great desire to change things for the better and change is imminent.

Cosmic cycles are often more powerful than we are, when you can control, you succeed.

Light will be shed on matters that we may not know enough about. Take some time out as it can offer unexpected solutions, just don’t immerse yourself into your own bubble for too long.

Treat children well during this period, it's important for their development. New opportunities may arise, so keep an open mind. Start again, what you did before, you can now do better.

Something from the past may rear its head again. This is a great time to tune into the resonance of the earth. Set some goals, as you can achieve them with steady application of personal energy. The energy is at its peak during this time and fortune favours the bold. Can we bring back the good times?

There could be some new scientific evidence or new inventions. Maybe news of medical breakthroughs to get you to buy into the fancy new AI technology. Nature itself provides so much, look into it.

Testing of character and emotional stability ahead. Imagination runs away with you, you realise that what you thought would fulfil you, doesn’t. Dreaming alone isn’t enough, you must do as well. Desires can become reality if you find realistic ways to achieve them. Lots of distractions will sway you. Make your choices wisely.

Lawyers may be in the news. There’s help in trying to restore balance. Info will surface on all the false information that have been happening worldwide.

This month brings a wake-up call so you can figure things out for yourself. A feeling of walking on egg shells.

A sense of justice and integrity. Good attitudes bring health improvements. You’ll want to spend time around home and family. Give others the freedom and time you would like to receive.

Don't allow AI to replace humanity.


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